Pinker Keuschheitskäfig mit Schlüssel - Chastity cage für sissy chastity und sissy keuschhaltung

Sissy chastity – beeing kept chaste as a sissy

Chastity and orgasm control is a very popular game in the BDSM field. Here the dominant part of a d/s relationship gets control over the orgasms of the submissive part. To execute the chastity of a Sissy or a man, there are different systems that are presented in this article.

Why chastisement?

Giving up control over your own orgasms is very exciting for some submissive people. But why is that? A submissive person gets satisfaction primarily from giving control to another person, being submissive themselves, giving up all power and letting the other person decide what happens. Not knowing what will happen next and not having to control the sexual events yourself can be exciting. But it requires a good relationship of trust.
Chastity can be a part of the whole, which is particularly effective. An orgasm is still allowed to the submissive person only if the dominant person allows it. The manner can also be determined. This can take place permanently or only over a session. Not being allowed to decide about your own orgasm, having to endure hours, days, weeks or even longer without it at all, that puts you in an enormous state of arousal. At some point, there is only the goal of finally being allowed to come, to release the pressure. So you’re willing to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. It reinforces the submissive feeling towards the dominant part.
An orgasm can be used as a possible reward or an orgasm ban as a punishment in this game.

Chastity for a Sissy

A Sissy may have other motivations for chastity. A Sissy often has the motivation of her own emasculation and feminization. By prohibiting the use of one’s own penis, arguably the most important part of a man, this is exactly what happens. A chastity device placed over the penis even prevents it from becoming fully erect, which has another emasculating effect.

Chastity on a basis of trust

The simplest form of chastity takes place on a trust basis. This form has the advantage that it is uncomplicated. There is no need to worry about hygiene and no time-consuming search for a suitable chastity device is necessary. Disadvantages are that the dominant must trust the submissive part not to have secretly had an orgasm. A 24 hours a day monitoring is simply as good as impossible. Also, the feeling that the penis is really locked up can also be missed. In addition, it requires a, depending on the length of the chastity, strong willpower of the sub. Resisting the urge to masturbate quickly is not exactly easy. However, it can work, and work very well. The sub must realize that he is no longer allowed to decide about it, no matter what the circumstances.
Who wants to go the way of a chastity device on the penis, basically has two options.

Chastity with a penis cage

A penis cage is constructed as a tube that goes on the penis. A ring comes around the base of the penis behind the testicles. This ring and the tube are then put together and closed with a lock. Through this variation, the testicles then prevent the cage from being put down.
It is difficult to find the optimal model, because every person is anatomically different and minimal dimensions can be crucial. Who will wear a penis cage only for a few hours at most, has no problem if it does not fit optimally. When wearing it for a long time, this is a much bigger problem, because after a certain period of time, pressure pains will then occur. Also the breakout security is not given 100% in this way, although this is only possible with a piercing anyway, which will be discussed in more detail later.
A common problem is that the penis can be pulled out of the tube when it is completely flaccid, even without taking off the penis cage.
Furthermore, it should be noted that the possibility of hygiene must be possible without taking off the penis cuff, at least in such a way that opening is necessary only rarely to wash the penis thoroughly.
There are many cheap models that can be purchased for under 50 dollars. For long-term carrying, these models are usually never suitable. For short sessions they can be optimal, but also to get better into the subject as a beginner and experiment a little.
Good models cost at least several hundred dollars. There are also beautiful pink models that look very good on a Sissy.

Chastity with a chastity belt

The idea of a chastity belt is that it is not secured over the testicles like the penis cage, but by a belt around the waist or hips.
Compared to the penis cage, this has the great advantage that it can be more comfortable for the testicles. Many men have the problem of pressure pain in the testicles with a penis cage, if the model does not fit 100% optimally or if the penis is automatically stiff at night and consequently pulls on the testicles. Depending on the anatomy, this can be a big problem or hardly present. But you can get the body used to it by wearing it frequently to a certain point.
However, the chastity belt directly excludes this problem completely. Worn without piercing, the chastity belt also has a higher security against unauthorized outbreaks of the sub.
The belt also has a tube for the penis. The penis is inserted into the tube and guided close to the body. The tube is connected to the top with a belt, which is placed tightly around the hips or waist, depending on the model. At the back of the belt, a rope or something similar goes over the bottom between the thighs to the front of the tube. The chastity belt is usually fastened at the front of the belt with a lock.
A chastity belt can do make a lot of difference on a Sissy and looks just great.

For absolute breakout safety: The piercing

In my experience, no model offers 100% eruption safety without a piercing. This is unfortunate, but it is mainly due to the fact that the penis sometimes has enormous differences in size between being flaccid and stiff.
We as a sub want to have absolutely no possibility to escape his cage or as a dom want to leave no possibility open, except with the own key, must go the path of a so-called prince albert piercing. It is a piercing that is attached to the glans.
A man with this piercing can now wear a penis cage, which consists only of a tube. The piercing is then attached to the front of the tube with a lock. Thus, the penis is attached to the tube at the front and can not escape. Very simple. If you have such a piercing. It is escape-proof and more comfortable to wear. However, you have to like the piercing, it is a permanent modification of the body, but which gives the absolute kick for this exciting game of chastity.
Imagine you are 100% dependent on another person to allow you to have an orgasm.

How does urination work?

The penis lies in a tube, which has small openings in the front, through which the urine can flow out. Since this can be quite splashing it is necessary to sit down when going to the toilet. No more peeing while standing. Especially as a Sissy this is a positive side effect. Unfortunately, some of the urine often remains in the tube, which is why it is important to rinse it regularly with water.

How does hygiene work?

Hygiene is extremely important. Due to the fact that the penis cage can not just be put down and it is tight in the tube, it must be washed as well as possible every day. This can be done quite well with the shower head. Every now and then, however, the complete discarding of the penis cage is necessary in order to carry out a more profound cleaning. This can be done under supervision to prevent unauthorized actions.

Tips for the start

For the start, I recommend trying it on a trust basis. First, only a day or a few days. Maybe even a week without an orgasm. That can already be quite demanding. Especially something that you get forbidden, you will desire even more.
If you want, you can also experiment with a cheap penis cage and eventually look for high-quality models if you are interested. In any case, do not go directly to very expensive models, because it simply must fit perfectly and it quickly comes to wasted money.
By the way: In relation to chastity, ruined orgasms are still very interesting. This is an orgasm where there is no more stimulation once the orgasm begins. This can be very frustrating and brings only a fraction of the possible satisfaction and also has various advantages.

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