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I am happy to announce that I have recently launched my Etsy store. We want to celebrate this exciting news with you! As readers of this blog, you should also benefit from it. You’ll find out exactly how in a moment. Why I took this step and what you can look forward to in my store in the future – you’ll find all the information in the following post.

What is Etsy

Etsy is an online platform where sellers can offer their own products. For a long time, the platform was primarily known for handmade and artisanal items. However, the adult content segment has also established itself here and, in addition to great sissy clothing and matching jewelry, as well as other fetish accessories, you can also find a variety of sissy instructions. By posting products on the platform, sellers gain a wide reach and it is also easy for interested parties to find suitable items and stores. The result is a win-win situation on both sides.

What kind of products do I offer on Etsy an?

The store is still in its infancy. Only a few products have been released so far. But they have a lot to offer! The focus is on detailed and hot instructions for sissies with different themes. I have already uploaded instructions for tasks that a sissy has to complete outdoors in nature, instructions for games with cum and also instructions for online tasks. We are currently working together to fill my store with high-quality products and to make my customers happy with detailed and unusual instructions. The special thing about my products is that they come from our actual history. Almost all of the tasks I offer have been given to Cassy in the same or a very similar form. Some of the products also contain original photos! It is therefore doubly worthwhile to take a look at my instructions.

Why did I decide to open up an Etsy store

The creation of this blog was a first step in which we wanted to share our experiences with sissies, mistresses and other interested parties. Tasks play a very important role here. Not every sissy is lucky enough to find a mistress who provides educational instructions and tasks tailored to their needs. The Internet is a place where many people have access to a wealth of information. This is also how we became aware that tasks for sissies are offered on Etsy. Unfortunately, we have been rather disappointed by the content so far. For me as a mistress, the focus is primarily on the level of detail. The more detailed I describe a scenario, the more exciting it is for Cassy. Products on the internet often only contain a collection of many instructions consisting of a half-sentence. This does not correspond to my idea of an instruction. Cassy also emphasizes to me how pleased and excited she gets from particularly kinky and detailed instructions. This gave me the idea of creating products that I think are good. Products that make you happy, that literally arouse something in you when you read them. Products that make you want to imitate and use them yourself. My store is intended to reach and delight sissies, and those who want to become one, all over the world.

Why good instructions are so important for Sissies

As already mentioned, not all sissies are lucky enough to have a strong guiding hand in the form of a mistress at their side. We got the impression that some people are exploiting this fact to a certain extent. There are instructions and expensive e-books on the internet that promise to provide in-depth sissy training. For research purposes, we took a look at some of these products ourselves and were shocked to discover that none of them do even the slightest justice to solid sissy training. Of course, there is no substitute for a mistress in body and soul. But well thought-out and detailed instructions can give sissies without a mistress a real chance of a good education. From my point of view, detail plays a particularly important role here. A sissy acts and moves at the discretion of her mistress. An instruction consisting of a single sentence leaves a lot of room for personal freedom. This is the first serious mistake, because a good sissy does not have this kind of creative freedom. The quality of the tasks and instructions therefore has a direct effect on the development of a sissy.

What advantages do my products offer in detail

As already mentioned, the main difference between my products and most other instructions is their level of detail. So far, I have not found a comparable store that offers instructions of a similar quality. The instructions have been tested in practice and found to be good. The quality has therefore been checked and confirmed from two directions. This is also shown by the first reviews I have already received on Etsy. In addition, there are mostly always original photos included in the instructions. This demonstrates that the instructions are feasible, albeit challenging. Finally, I offer all sissies the opportunity to document the tasks they perform by taking photos and sending them to me via a personal e-mail address. I take the time to respond to questions and suggestions and thus offer a small form of direct sissy training and support.

Why are my products in English – and are they also available in German?

It quickly became clear that my products should be offered in English. With this internationality, I want to offer sissies all over the world the opportunity to read and follow my instructions. An expansion to German is planned for the Etsy store in the future. If you like a special instruction and you have difficulties to understand it in English you can send me an e-mail and I will find a way to offer you the German version. In the future there will also be a platform for instructions and tutorials here on our blog. Until then, you are well taken care of in my Etsy store.

What I have planned for the future on Etsy

As already mentioned, I currently offer instructions and guides for sissies in various contexts. In the future, however, fantasy stories, sissy training guides and other e-books will also be added. In the long term, my dream is to offer my sissies jewelry, clothing and everything else they need for their outward appearance – in the quality I consider a good sissy must have. If you have any wishes or suggestions for my store, please send a message to:

A small sample

To give you an idea of what products you can expect in my store, I have listed two sample instructions here.

  1. You will need a lockable collar for this task. Preferably an eye-catching one that lets people know that you are a sissy. But don’t put it on yet! I want you to go on an adventure. It’s important to wear clothes that don’t cover your neck. After all, the collar should be easily recognizable later. Pack the collar with a key. Take the bus or train to somewhere where you can leave the key for your collar where no one else will find it. Once you have safely deposited the key, continue your journey on the bus or train. Get out and walk a bit. Decide for yourself how far you want to walk, but at least 10 minutes. Now the time has come. Unpack the collar and fasten it around your neck. Now you have no other option than to walk to the key with this beautiful collar around your neck and drive. Have fun presenting yourself as a sissy in public!
  2. I have another fun task for you, to make your sissy cock cum. Put your pillow on the desk or on a table. The height should be somewhat waist high if you’re standing on your highest high heels. Take off all your clothes and put on your high heels. If you have handcuffs or something similar to cuff your hands behind your back, use them now. Alternatively, you will cross your hands behind your back and leave them there. Now walk up to the pillow and rub your cock against it. Move your hips as if you were sticking your cock into a woman. If you’ve never done this before, I’m sure you know from videos how to do it. Pull yourself together and don’t cum too soon. Always remember that as a sissy it’s your job to satisfy your partners first. Even if it’s just a pillow in this case. Keep rubbing against it and keep your cum in it as long as you can. Change the speed when you get tight, but you mustn’t stop. When you really can’t hold it anymore, you may cum now. Shoot your load across your pillow. Now you may free your hands. Leave your high heels on. Take the pillow gently by the sides and carry it carefully back to your bed. You will sleep on it tonight without cleaning it.

How can you benefit from my store opening?

To give all visitors to this blog a little treat, I would like to offer you a discount voucher for your first purchase in my Etsy store. With the following code you will receive a 40% discount on your order of my products. This code is only for visitors and readers of I am happy about your purchase and if you are satisfied, I would appreciate a detailed and positive review, which will help my store a lot.

Discount code: SISSYDELUXE40
Valid until: 31.12.2023
Link to the Etsy Shop:

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