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Hello and welcome to Sissy deluxe. This is the first post and I want to make it a little personal. Here you should learn what the goal of this site is. What topics will be discussed? What are ideas we want to implement? Who am I and who else is behind this site?

If you landed here, it’s very likely that you’re interested in the topic of being a Sissy. I think that’s great, because it also holds a very big place in my life. I’m passionate about being a Sissy, have been one for many years. I have tried many things, which I will tell you about in detail. I am creative and have always had many ideas on how to make being a Sissy even more exciting. These ideas I would like to pass on to like-minded people.

What is a Sissy?

You’ve heard of the term Sissy and don’t know what it means? No problem. Sissy is the name of a man who fully or partially likes to take a submissive role in sex life. In doing so, he takes on characteristics that are usually more feminine. A big subject of this is wearing women’s clothes. Being a Sissy is a fetish. There are many areas that can be part of this fetish, such as humiliation or chastity. To that end, it should be said that every Sissy is unique, there are so many subtypes. No Sissy has to do or like everything. Everyone has his or her own peculiarities. This begins with the choice of clothing style. In our article “What is a Sissy?” you will learn more about it.

Sissy Deluxe

Sissy deluxe stands for the modern Sissy. Someone who does not have to be ashamed of his fetish, but lives it to the fullest. We only live once. On this website we inform you about all possible facets of this exciting preference. There are certainly more than you can imagine.

But before we get into the many ideas we want to implement here, I would like to introduce myself and mention who else stands behind Sissy deluxe.

This is me

I am Cassy, a Sissy in her early 30s who lives out her fetish to the fullest. Cassy is my Sissy name. I love the color pink, which is especially evident in my clothing style. Already for over 10 years I am a Sissy and was able to gain a lot of experience. For example, I’ve been to a mall several times to get lingerie, jewelry, makeup items, even dressed a little sissy-like and even got a personal consultation with a saleswoman regarding lingerie. I have already shot over 100 Sissy videos that I sell on the Internet. Walking in high heels is no longer a problem for me. Meanwhile, I would say that I have a comprehensive insight into the fetish and learned a lot. But until then it was always an exciting path and it will always continue. I am lucky to have a good friend by my side, who explores this path together with me, to make me an increasingly great Sissy.

My mistres

I call her my boss. Others might say mistress, but we like boss much better. Mistress always reminds me of the strict black dressed woman, which can be exciting, but doesn’t fit so well with us. Over many years she has always taught me with tasks and rules to be more feminine and become better in my Sissy role. She didn’t know the Sissy fetish at the beginning either, just like I had to discover it for myself. Fortunately, she is a very open person and was very interested in it. Since I also enjoy the fetish of chastity, that was always a perfect motivator. She determines about my orgasms. And if I want one, I also have to follow my tasks and rules. It’s thanks to her that I walk around in matching women’s clothes. Before that was, well let’s say a bit wildly mixed up.

She will probably tell you more about herself.

But what are our goals with this website. What features do we plan to add so that you can dive deeper into the Sissy fetish yourself?

Unique plans for the website

First of all, you can expect many posts on the various sub-areas of being a Sissy. Fetishes that are closely related to it. You may be curious about some personal and exciting experiences that I was allowed to make as a Sissy and how my boss has experienced it from her point of view. Something very special that we want to offer are Sissy tasks for you. These are instructions that you can then carry out. Some of them require courage, others creativity and others are just exciting. You can specify in advance what items you have available and what you particularly like. For example, outdoor is not for everyone. We have many tasks that have accumulated over time, which we want to present on the page tailored for you. It is also possible to send proof pictures of the completed tasks. Maybe we can present them on the site in some form, of course only if you want it too. In the future we want to create a Discord server, maybe for the start of a nice Sissy community. Also the site should get a section with Sissy clothes and equipment, which we can recommend. It is important to me that I simply look beautiful as a Sissy. That’s why you will get only the best recommendations. We have more ideas, which we can implement in the future, depending on how strong the interest around Sissy Deluxe grows..

We are extremely excited and hope you are too.

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Sissy Cassy

I am Cassy and have been a sissy in training for over 10 years. I have already learned a lot about female appearance. My favourite thing is to wear sexy pink clothes.

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