Was ist eine Sissy? Beispielbild einer Sissy

What is a sissy?

A sissy is a male person who sexually likes to take on a submissive role and “feminizes” himself. In this context, feminizing means wearing women’s clothes, putting on makeup, taking on feminine characteristics and appearing as feminine as possible. Being a sissy is a fetish, which can contain many other fetishes, such as chastity, humiliation or even wearing diapers. Each sissy is different, but fundamentally they are all similar in terms of submissiveness and being feminine.

Sissy is submissive

A sissy shows herself completely submissive in sex life or is at least partly in an alternating role between being dominant and submissive. The dominant partner can belong to any gender, depending on sexual orientation. Often, however, a sissy who likes women has the desire to serve or satisfy a man, because this can strengthen their own feminization.

Aspect humiliation

Humiliation is often a driving motivation. A sissy enjoys being exposed and wearing women’s clothing. This is called cross-dressing and is considered embarrassing. Many sissies like to be “forced” to take on feminine characteristics. By the way, quite the opposite of a transgender person who wears women’s clothing because they feel feminine themselves and don’t do it just out of fetish. A transgender person can also be sissy.

Female characteristics of a sissy

Being a fetish begins with the wearing of female underwear. Secretly under everyday clothes with the risk that someone notices. For example wearing full outfits and make-up, being in high heels, having nail polish on toes and fingers and feminine behavior patterns. The more feminine, the better. Becoming a sissy is a perpetual process and the style of appearance can vary greatly from sissy to sissy. It often also plays a role which other fetishes the person possesses. Examples are the sexy schoolgirl, the overly flashy dressed sissy and sissy baby girl.

Sissy types

In the following I would like to introduce some types of sissies. A sissy can take on several types at the same time. Sometimes the transitions are blurred. Some descriptions do not apply to sissies 100%, but only partially. Each person is unique.

Slutty sissy

She loves to be dressed like a slut and to present herself. To be used and to satisfy others is her passion. Whether man or woman, she is always at your service.

Sissy maid

The Sissy maid is dressed like the typical maid and does the chores she is assigned to reliably and neatly. She has good manners and is always attentive to serve the mistress or master and do her assigned tasks.

Sissy baby

The Sissy baby behaves like a real baby, it is helpless and needs a lot of attention. Wearing diapers is absolutely necessary as well as feeding from the bottle or from the breast. For education, sometimes it may be necessary to put her over the lap and spank her butt. The preferred clothing is cute, often pink and decorated with little hearts.

Embarrassing sissy

She likes to be dressed as ridiculously as possible. She likes it when others make fun of her and laugh at her. Humiliation is the ultimate goal. Doing embarrassing tasks, like auditioning and singing in shameful women’s clothing, fulfills this goal extremely well. It is best done in front of a group of people.

Sweet sissy

With her sweet nature and shy demeanor, she loves to dress as feminine and cute as possible. Beautiful colors like pink are favored by her. She likes female company in the form of girls’ evenings, in which she prefers to fit in perfectly, without it being very noticeable that she is actually a man.

Secret sissy

No one would suspect that this sissy is not a normal man. She secretly wears ladies underwear under her everyday clothes. At home when no one can see her, the complete sissy in her comes out.

Showing off sissy

She gives everything to get as much attention as possible, in which she puts on an impressive appearance. The highest high heels, fake breasts, artificial eyelashes and flashy ladies clothes, are all trademarks of this attention begging sissy.

Sissy pet

The sissy pet is a person who likes to be feminine and wants to be treated like a pet. She is best led on a leash on all fours. She is very good at performing tricks for treats. She eats her food off the floor from a bowl.

Other popular sissy fetishes

The sissy fetish has some other fetishes that are very common and want to be acted out. I try to list as many as possible here, especially the biggest and best known. When some fetishes talk about coercion, it takes place exclusively in the BDSM framework, that is, with the prior consent to the coercion. Likewise, the person always has the possibility to revoke the consent.


Sissy chastity is widespread. Often a sissy also wants to be kept chaste. This means that the dominant person gets control over the sissy’s orgasms. Chastity can be a very powerful motivator when orgasm is given as a reward. Chastity can be about trust or it can be about a penis cage with a lock and key. A penis cage also prevents the penis from becoming properly erect, which can be an aspect of emasculation / feminization.

Forced feminization

It means the process of being forced by someone to behave in a feminine way. This can include having to wear appropriate clothing, getting a female name, implementing female behavior patterns and putting on makeup. The coercion takes place here of course only in the BDSM framework, so with the consent of the sissy.


A cuckold is a man who feels a pleasure gain when his partner has intimate contact with another person. Motivation can arise in a sissy from the humiliation felt in the process. It is another act of emasculation. The cuckold often has to watch this sexual contact. Sissy and cuckold are two fetishes that fit together perfectly.

Forced Bi

A sissy with a female partner has intimate contact with a male person here. The sissy can, for example, be brought to perform active oral sex or passive anal intercourse, even if she would not actually be sexually interested in male persons. Likewise, the humiliation is in the foreground here and the resulting pleasure gain.


ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Love. She acts like a baby here, which can be obvious, because many sissies take a “weak” role and as a baby you are also helpless. Popular accessories are pacifiers, rompers and especially diapers.


Pegging describes the process of anal intercourse on a man by a woman with a strap-on dildo. This is very popular with sissies because they take the passive part in sexual intercourse, which, socially speaking, is usually taken by the woman. This gives them an even more feminine role.


As can be read out of many fetishes, it is often about humiliation. Feeling one’s own humiliation and weakness is a great source of pleasure.
This post is intended to give an idea of what a sissy is. It is a fetish with a wide spectrum. The post is always edited and developed. If something is missing, feel free to leave a comment.

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