Pinker Keuschheitskäfig mit Schlüssel - Chastity cage für sissy chastity und sissy keuschhaltung

Sissy chastity – beeing kept chaste as a sissy

Chastity and orgasm control is a very popular game in the BDSM field. Here the dominant part of a d/s relationship gets control over the orgasms of the submissive part. To execute the chastity of a Sissy or a man, there are different systems that are presented in this article. Why chastisement? Giving up control …

orgasmus ohne stimulation

Orgasm without stimulation – how I made it happen

Let’s say in advance that by the title of the post I mean the following: an orgasm without any previous stimulation of any part of the body. No nipples, no testicles and especially no stimulation through anal activities. An orgasm purely triggered by the head, starting from the flaccid penis to the incredible moment of …

Sissy Shoppingtour erster Laden Lippenstift kaufen

Sissy Shopping – my first time in a shopping center as a Sissy

It’s been a few years now, to be exact my first Sissy shopping experience was in 2017. For me, it was extremely exciting because not only did I have to just buy women’s clothes, but I was also lightly dressed as a Sissy in the process. That was very embarrassing at the time and correspondingly …