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Sissy training – your way to the ultimate sissy

Anyone can and may be a Sissy. Are you submissive and like to present yourself in women’s clothing? That is a Sissy. While anyone can be a Sissy, the path to becoming the perfect Sissy is never-ending. Training to be the ultimate Sissy is a constant and exciting process. However, it is helpful to be trained by another person, or at least have some rough guidance at hand. Below you will find 10 things that are important for your Sissy training.

Find your Sissy clothing style

The right clothes and your own female clothing style is not so easy at the beginning. Pretty looking clothes are selected quickly, but they do not really fit together or do not fit your own sissy. It is important to think about what your own clothing style should be. Different directions can be:

  • pink and girly
  • sexy
  • baby
  • casual
  • elegant
  • maid

The clothes can then be completely assigned to one style and fit together as an overall picture. A Sissy needs a wide range of different clothes. The shopping list includes:

  • ladies panties
  • bras
  • pantyhose / stockings without straps
  • desses / skirts
  • jewelery
  • wigs
  • high heels

Makeup like a woman

Face make-up is an optimal way to provide significantly more femininity. Female facial contours can be strengthened in the process. Applying makeup is not easy. Women usually have been able to practice this since they were teenagers. But practice makes perfect. There are many tutorials, for example, on YouTube, which explain and show exactly how to apply it. In the beginning, you can start with just a little make up. Just a nice strong lipstick makes a lot of difference. In my experience, artificial eyelashes do the most for a great Sissy look.

Body shaving

Smooth soft skin stands for femininity. So it is obvious that shaving your body hair thoroughly is part of being Sissy. Preferably all hair except the head hair. If it is too much for you at once, you can approach it slowly. Perhaps at the beginning only shave the Sissy legs ? And at some point you dare to depilate your arms. Are you afraid that people around you will find it funny? Many men in the fitness sector also shave their legs and hair.

Learn how to walk in high heels

High heels are very good to better internalize the female gait. The heels automatically make walking look more feminine. But in the beginning it is not easy. Tips for the beginning are:

  • short steps
  • place one leg in front of the other
  • let the weight sink onto the heels instead of the balls of the feet

This may feel very insecure at first, but the heels provide enough support. High heels look the most impressive, but they are not suitable for beginners. Rather short heels and learn to walk so effectively and later buy high heels.

Sports for female curves

Those who are overweight, unfortunately, greatly lose possible feminine appearance. Men tend to accumulate fat on the abdomen, which cancels out the feminine stature of the slim waist. So it is necessary to do sports to become slimmer. Also, sports can be used to train specific parts of the body, which then become more defined. A big butt, for example, is optimal to look more like a Sissy.

Chastity for more effective Sissy training

chastity is a fetish that is often pursued by sissies. Locking the penis in a cage and thus keeping the most masculine part at all small helps a lot in pursuing the goal of looking like a woman. Besides, chastity has extreme advantages in terms of motivation in Sissy training. The higher horniness drops the inhibitions and helps to pursue the goals more efficiently. The orgasm can be given here as a special reward for Sissy progress.

Dildo training as a preparation

Would you like to satisfy a real penis? With mouth or anal? Then dildo training is recommended. With this you can learn to give long and effective blowjobs. You can also use it to train your anus and prepare it for a later penetration by a real penis. Start with small models and work your way up to lager and bigger dildos. A dildo also offer a good possibility to stimulate yourself anally. As a Sissy you may care about keeping your penis small and obtaining stimulations through passive penetration, like normal women. It is possible for a Sissy to reach orgasm through prostate stimulation. This is often called “milking” or sissygasm and is often used in conjunction with chastity.


Every Sissy is different. The above mentioned advices are only ment as an orientation. Not every point might fit for every Sissy. As an example: there are Sissies out there that do not shave. Just make sure to differentiate whether it doesn’t fit into your idea of being a Sissy or if you are just too afraid to do so. Just to stick with the example of shaving – it took me years to overcome my fear of shaving my body hair. It is an ongoing process. Every little step makes you a better Sissy.

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Sissy Cassy

I am Cassy and have been a sissy in training for over 10 years. I have already learned a lot about female appearance. My favourite thing is to wear sexy pink clothes.

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