Hotwife vergnügt sich mit Hengst im Bett und Sissy Cuckold beobachtet das Geschehen

What is a Sissy cuckold

A Sissy cuckold is a Sissy who lives out the cuckold fetish. The connection to this is obvious, since being a Sissy has a lot to do with emasculation and being a cuckold contributes a lot to this. A cuckold is a man who voluntarily lets his wife or girlfriend have sexual contact with another man or woman. It is a social taboo but many more people than you would think like this fetish.

Cuckold definition

A cuckold, or cucki, is a man who lets his wife or girlfriend cheat with his consent and thereby becomes sexually aroused. The cuckold usually takes a submissive role. Unlike wifesharing, the cuckold does not actively share his wife, but is at most involved as a voyeur. The woman is called cuckoldress or hotwife. The other man is called stallion, lover or bull, which is modeled after the potent bull and gives expression to his manhood.

What is the motivation behind it?

The biggest motivation here is the humiliation of the cuckold, who lets his cuckoldress have sex with other people, while he himself usually goes empty-handed. The cuckold can be present during the sex act and be further humiliated by certain activities or pure watching.
It is about humiliation through sexual arousal without being satisfied. The bull takes on the role of the “real” man, which the cuckold himself cannot perform. The other man is portrayed as better, for example because he has a bigger penis or lasts longer.
The whole thing can be reinforced with chastity of the cuckold. He must wear a chastity cage and has no access to his own penis. The cuckoldress owns the key and can humiliate the cuckold additionally.

The role of the bull/stallion/lover

His main task is to satisfy the cuckoldress sexually and have sex with her. This relationship can be one-time or permanent. The bull knows and respects the relationship of the cuckold with the cuckoldress.

The role of the Cuckoldress/Hotwife

She takes the dominant role over the cuckold and solely determines the sexual life, in which the cuckold is little or not at all integrated. She decides what role the cuckold takes. This can be being present during sex, listening at the closed door or simply being completely absent. Often she additionally humiliates the cuckold by emphasizing how much better the bull is. For example, by having a bigger penis. There are no limits to the education of the cuckold by the cuckoldress. So chastity and training to be a Sissy are common activities that are also acted out.

The role of the cuckold

His task is simple. He is submissive and has to submit to his mistress. She determines over him. He only has to comply with the orders and tasks.

Sissy Cuckold

Some cuckolds are also attracted to the Sissy fetish because it is so obvious. The humiliation of the cuckold takes place in a similar way to that of the Sissy. The man is dressed like a woman, made up and must behave like a girl. He is not man enough to satisfy his cuckoldress like a real man and therefore another man, the bull, is necessary to perform this role. In this process, the Sissy can also receive active tasks during intercourse, up to intercourse with the stallion himself.


A sexual game

It must be emphasized that this is a sexual game, with which everyone agrees. The relationship outside all sexual activities between cuckold and cuckoldress must not affect this. Everyone involved is having fun with it. For outsiders who have nothing to do with this fetish, this may sound unbelievable, however, all participants thereby gain sexual satisfaction and there is nothing reprehensible about it.
I have tried to write the article as neutral as possible, because as so often with fetishes there are no fixed rules and procedures. Each person is different and so always develop their own often unique dynamics between the participants.

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