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Orgasm without stimulation – how I made it happen

Let’s say in advance that by the title of the post I mean the following: an orgasm without any previous stimulation of any part of the body. No nipples, no testicles and especially no stimulation through anal activities. An orgasm purely triggered by the head, starting from the flaccid penis to the incredible moment of ejection. So it’s not a sissygasm brought on purely by anal stimulation.
The feeling of experiencing this form of orgasm is breathtaking, which hardly anyone can do. It’s different from an orgasm brought on by hand, which also feels really good. But this feeling is different and even more intense.

How did I manage to do so?

The question is how I managed it. Bringing myself to an orgasm purely through the power of thought is extremely difficult. The first time it happened to me rather by chance. My boss had already kept me chaste for several weeks at that point. We did not know each other for long and then texted one night via Whatsapp.

I was lying naked on the bed and she wrote me that I should imagine how she is lying next to me just dressed with underwearYes, and to be honest, I can’t remember quite a lot more, because it already overcame me then. I was so strongly aroused that the orgasm just triggered. At that moment I was embarrassed and I could not yet enjoy the feeling 100%, because I did not have permission for this orgasm. But in retrospect, that was the beginning of learning the art of orgasm without touch.
After that, it was not for ages, until at some point I got the task to bring about an orgasm without stimulation. If I would not manage it, it would be my bad luck. I had been kept chaste for at least two weeks at that point. I did not succeed, unfortunately, but I had the feeling of being so close a few times that it was incredibly frustrating to be so close to a liberating orgasm.

Practice makes perfect

But then I got the opportunity every now and then and at some point it just worked. It required the highest concentration. I lay down relaxed and fully immersed myself in my world of thoughts. I imagined my most exciting fantasies and at some point I could feel how excited my penis was and I reached the point of no return without having lifted a finger. Absolutely nothing should distract you.
After this experience, I knew that it was possible for me to do this again and again. And so, over the years, I also got the opportunity to do it more and more often. I got better and better at it. Nowadays, I can do it almost every time I’m allowed to.
At the moment I’m trying to do it standing up. That’s a whole different challenge and I haven’t succeeded yet. The small effort of standing makes it many times more difficult.

How can you reach an orgasm without stimulation?

I am sure that almost anyone can do it. But it takes time and willpower. But it is definitely worth it. The feeling is indescribable. If you also want to make it, I recommend periods of being chaste. Try not to have an orgasm for at least a week. Better yet, two weeks. Set yourself a deadline and the next day try orgasm without stimulation. Make yourself comfortable on the bed or couch, also get dressed and don’t let anything distract you. Close your eyes and concentrate on your most exciting fantasies. Feel how your penis gets stiff and you get more and more excited.
It is important that you absolutely do not touch yourself, no matter how much you want to. After 10-15 minutes you should have it done, otherwise it will not happen at that moment. I have made this experience myself. It probably won’t work for you the first time either, but that doesn’t matter. Put your pants back on. Then there is no orgasm for you today. Try again tomorrow. You probably won’t make it a few times, but it’s all training on the way to making it eventually.
One more thing I can recommend: Lots of edging. I can’t say for sure how much impact edging has on orgasm without stimulation, but it has helped me. Since the beginning of my chastity by my boss I had to edging. Sometimes more sometimes less. Thereby you bring yourself just before the orgasm again and again. You can touch yourself during this. When you are close, you stop, wait 10-30 seconds and then do the same again. As a guideline, I can say that some days I personally edge 200 times if I have to. An edging session is especially effective if you don’t have an orgasm afterwards either.

What does it feel like?

It is difficult to put into words. Due to the lack of stimulation it takes longer. The penis must become really plump alone until the orgasm begins. The penis is even more sensitive due to the lack of touch, which makes the orgasm more intense. Through touch, the penis would get used to the upcoming intense feeling a bit beforehand. At least that’s my theory. It feels phenomenal. You feel that it’s about to happen and then the penis gets really hard and erects even more until it discharges. It’s also not at all frustrating like a typical ruined orgasm where all stimulation is taken away. On the contrary, if you start to stimulate yourself when the orgasm occurs without previous stimulation, it actually makes the feeling worse.

Difference to sissygasm

Sissygasm is often mentioned in connection with orgasm without touching. This type of orgasm is accompanied by stimulation of the prostate gland through anal satisfaction without touching the penis. O Optionally, the penis can be kept in a chastity cage. A sissygasm is very common and popular among sissies.
This type of orgasm is also a special feeling, but different from the orgasm described in this post completely without stimulation.

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