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10 Sissy fantasies

The motivation to be Sissy is, by and large, to be emasculated. We want to be treated like women and look like them too, and usually as exaggerated as possible. Often humiliation plays a big role. In this post I would like to describe 10 exciting Sissy fantasies. Not every Sissy has the same fantasies, but there will be many overlaps here. For the fall I have described two special fantasies at the end of this article. Some of these fantasies can also be incorporated well into Sissy training.

8 general Sissy fantasies

1. Being dressed up and made up by the girlfriends

A common fantasy is to have a girlfriend and several girlfriends in your circle of friends taking control and having you dress up and put on makeup with their female expertise. With her help, a Sissy learns female behavior and what it takes to look feminine. It is exciting to lean back and let everything happen to you. In the familiarity of girlfriends we feel comfortable and secure and our heart beats faster when we see how much effort they make for us to become one of them.

2. Please another man while being dressed as a woman

Pleasing a man represents one of the ultimate things that many sissies imagine to be a real Sissy. It is the act that is uniquely feminine. We are dressed like women and offer our services to the male sex. It doesn’t matter if you are really attracted to men or not. Often an intense blowjob is just the right thing. With a penis in your mouth, it can hardly get more intimate. We want to feel the cock growing in our mouth. The white juice in our mouth or on our face is the best compliment that a man can give us. And for that we give everything.

3. Cleaning the house of a female friend in maid outfit.

Another fantasy that some sissies like me have already lived out is cleaning and cleaning the apartment of a friend or foreign lady. However, not just like that, but of course in a maid outfit. The Sissy Maid does not receive anything in return here and simply has the task of performing a good cleaning job while the lady relaxes. Sissy Maids are very grateful for the opportunity to clean and do their best for much cleanliness. This does not always succeed optimally and the Sissy is dependent on tips from the lady. With enough training we will become the perfect cleaners and clean every corner with the effort that our lady deserves. We are happy when the lady chooses our maid outfit. High heels complete the outfit perfectly.

4. Being locked in a chastity cage

Being locked in a chastity cage and losing all control over one’s penis is something that for many is an exciting fantasy that is also frequently acted out. It enhances desire and drops inhibitions through the intensive chastity of the Sissy. It also gives the feeling of submission. To work out the permission for an orgasm the Sissy is ready for many a thing that she normally wouldn’t do. This also allows for more effective Sissy training. Several days or weeks without orgasm will drive the Sissy crazy from desire. There is only one thought – to finally get permission. Many would be surprised to what a Sissy in this state is ready.

5. Making fun of small penis

A small penis reinforces the feeling of emasculation. The own penis is not big enough and is not suitable to satisfy a woman anyway. The way as a Sissy is therefore exactly the right one and if others make fun of the own little tail, this encourages the Sissy to become an even better Sissy. Even if the Sissy has a bigger penis, she can enjoy it when other women make fun of it. This can also be continued, for example, to a Sissy who is still a virgin. So she can like it when being mocked that the little tail has never been inside a woman.

6. Watching sex between girlfriend and another man

Cuckold fantasies are especially popular among sissies. The only sensible task that remains for the Sissy to sexually satisfy her own girlfriend is to find another man who will satisfy her own girlfriend in bed. In the process, the Sissy can be proactive depending on the desire of her girlfriend. For example, to become active as a support for sex. Or to be helpful later in various cleaning activities. Often sissies are meanwhile incapacitated themselves with a chastity cage. On one side stands the potent man with his big penis and on the other side the helpless Sissy with the small penis squeezed into a chastity cage.

7. Being exposed outside in full Sissy outfit

Sissies are showy and some even so much that they want to present themselves outside if possible. Always with the danger of being seen by someone and having to hide quickly. They look for the danger, but try not to be seenAn exciting fantasy here is to be abandoned outside by a known friend in full Sissy outfit. For example, they go by car to a distant forest and Sissy is simply abandoned here. In this particular outfit, she now has no other option but to run home.

8. Getting spanked

Very submissive by nature, the Sissy likes it when you tell her where to go. There are also things that the Sissy really does not like, because a Sissy training is not only associated with fun, but also with a lot of training and sweat. If the motivation is not high enough or other transgressions have been committed, spanking is a good way to get the Sissy back on track. Such a red butt can be a reminder for days that it is important to do what you are told to do.

2 Sissy fantasies in the fall

Bonus: Now in the fall, there are opportunities to live out certain fantasies that may not be as easily possible during the rest of the year. I present you two exciting Sissy fantasies in autumn.

9. Trick or treat

Halloween is a special opportunity to live out your Sissy fantasies without being discovered so easily. On the day of dressing up, it won’t look funny if you wander around the streets in a pretty princess outfit with high heels. In the darkness it is even more difficult to recognize you. You can use this special day to throw yourself into your most beautiful Sissy outfit, apply extensive makeup and then wander the streets in your highest high heels. Finally you can feel free as a Sissy and let a cold breeze blow under your skirt.

10. Locktober and NOvember

Locktober and/or NOvember is a big trend among chastity lovers. The word stands for a locked October or No Nut November, in which the Sissy tail is kept chaste, but is kept busy with various tasks throughout the month. You don’t necessarily need a chastity cage. You can also stay chaste purely with your willpower. If you are good, a phenomenal orgasm awaits you afterwards for sure, which you have earned. You will carry an incredible amount of sexual energy in you during this time, which will help you to go even further in your Sissy development. Let your inhibitions fall.

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