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Shaving legs as a Sissy?

Have you ever wondered as a Sissy whether you should shave your legs? Or have you felt for a long time the desire to depilate your legs? As a man, this is perhaps a sensitive topic, but many men who have nothing to do with the Sissy fetish also shave their legs. In this article, you’ll find out the reasons for it and the options available.

I am secretly Sissy and as a man I am afraid to shave my legs

I understand your worries. I also had this worry for a long time. Only in winter I dared to completely depilate my Sissy legs because I didn’t have to show them to anyone as a man. I could just wear long pants and secretly live my life as a Sissy with shaved legs.

I couldn’t do that in the summer because I wore shorts. Then everyone would have seen that my actually hairy legs are no longer hairy at all.

Meanwhile, it’s different. I’m no longer worried because I’ve noticed that people are much less interested in someone than you think. Especially such little things like shaved legs. Those worries are only in our own heads, but they are unfounded.

No one has ever asked me about it

Besides, there are many good reasons to shave your legs as a man, without any Sissy motivations.


Reasons to shave your legs as a man

You probably look for reasons to shave your legs as a man, because that’s how people see and perceive you. Fortunately, there are good reasons for men to completely shave their legs, even for non-sissies.


Athletes often shave their legs. This has several reasons

  • Leg muscles are better presented
  • Hygiene due to less sweat accumulation
  • Wound care for abrasions easier and better

So if you’re an athlete, you’ve got a great argument here if someone really ever calls you on it.

Wife or girlfriend likes it better

Many women like shaved legs on men. Maybe that’s the case with you too. Just ask her. And you have another good reason.


You are often in nature, be it by hiking, gardening or similar? Ticks are a big problem if we do not discover them in time. Often the legs are the first port of call of the insect pests. Shaved legs are of great advantage here. A black spot is discovered much faster than in the hair jungle. So, if you are outside a lot, this is a perfect argument to call.

Observe moles

You have moles on your legs? You could just say that you shave your legs because you can better observe conspicuous moles and your dermatologist recommended it.

You do not need the reasons

Probably no one will call you on it and at most notice it silently. Honestly, you don’t need obvious reasons. However, the reasons mentioned can give you self-confidence, so that you are prepared if someone asks you about it.

Reasons to wax your legs as a Sissy

Your main reason to wax your legs is probably that you think it’s better for you as a Sissy. It looks nicer and it feels so beautifully feminine.

You become a more beautiful Sissy

If you want it, it will also make you more beautiful. As a Sissy, you want to look as feminine as possible and hairy legs usually don’t fit that well. Smooth shaved skin on the legs not only feels great, it just looks great. Especially in high heels and a short skirt or sheer tights.

Can be part of your Sissy training

Shaving your legs can be part of your active Sissy training and a great step towards becoming a better and better Sissy.
 Difference legs as a man and Sissy shaved or not shaved

How do women find shaved legs in men?

Well, there are women like that and women like that. Some like the manly man who is also hairy and others love men who have less or no hair. I don’t know exactly what the percentage distribution is, but I have asked women in my environment and the opinions were divided as to what they prefer. Some also do not care. Internet forums on this issue could confirm this experience.

Still having second thoughts? Trimming leg hair as a start

If you’re still not sure and a bit scared, it doesn’t matter at all. I also needed some time and encouragement to feel confident. To get started, you can also trim your leg hair, that is, make it shorter with a depilatory machine instead of cutting it off completely. First of all, this also looks better and secondly, it is a step in the right direction. Another advantage is, that now you may think people know you with strong leg hair. After trimming, you will still have leg hair, but it will be less noticeable. People get used to the look and then if you eventually get rid of the hair altogether, they notice it even less.

How to shave my legs?

I recommend using a wet razor, whether disposable or reusable. This is the perfect way to get in the shower or bath and start your new ritual.
You should definitely wet your legs beforehand and smear them with shaving gel or shaving foam and wait briefly.

Personal insider tip: Use a shower gel instead of shaving cream. So it still works much faster and better for me.
Then you start shaving.


    • Always shave against the direction of growth of your hair
    • Do not use too much pressure
    • Be careful especially in the back of the knee
    • Glide over the skin several times for an optimal result

At the end, just wash your legs with cold water and look again to see if any spots were missed.
After shaving my legs I always put cream on my entire legs. This helps so that the legs are beautifully soft and moist and it does not come to cracks and it does not itch.

Should I shave my thighs as a man?

As a man or Sissy, I strongly recommend you also shave the thighs, because the transition at the knees otherwise looks very funny. A slightly hairy woman has rather the choice of whether to shave the thighs or not, because you do not see the transition so easily. With you as a man, however, this is usually different.
 Shaving legs as Sissy in the bath with wet razor the result

Shave or wax legs as a man?

Another way to get rid of leg hair is waxing. It offers the advantage of removing the hair totally root, allowing us to enjoy smooth legs for longer before having to return to the subject.
For some people, the disadvantage is that it hurts. However, in my experience, it does not hurt so much on the legs that it would be bad.
For me personally, this variant was still not so good, because it seemed to me clearly more effort. Possibly I lacked the practice there. A test is worth it for you in any case.

What to do about itchy skin or red pimples after shaving legs?

This is triggered by the so-called razor burn and is simply an irritation of the skin. This disappears again after a few days.
It can also be prevented. Warm water prepares the skin for shaving. Likewise, a good shaving foam. The most important thing is to use a sharp blade.
Those who develop regular shaving of the legs also get the skin used to it and razor burn becomes less likely.

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